Design work for Serbia’s integrated traffic control center started

RZD International has started the design preparation for the construction of Serbia’s Integrated Traffic Control Center (ITTC). The working group composed of Russian and Serbian experts is conducting surveys of the Serbian railway infrastructure facilities.
This examination is designed to identify the status of the Serbian railway infrastructure objects aiming at preparation of the precise technical and commercial offers for ITTC establishment. It is planned to inspect over 200 objects, including stations, traction sub-stations,  telecommunication systems.
The Integrated Traffic Control Center will allow for integration of the new railway traffic management technologies and constant monitoring of the train traffic, increase the throughput capacity, optimize operation costs and raise transport safety level on the Pan-European corridors 10 and 11.
According to the design specification provided by Serbian Railways Infrastructure at the end of 2018, the ITTC creation includes interlocking control, power devices dispatching, provision of necessary types of communication, construction of the associated infrastructure, creation of the automated systems and computer system, relevant equipment supply, installation of the technical safety facilities and creating the conditions for diagnosing the rolling stock whilst under way.
The EUR 230 million contract for design and construction of the Integrated Traffic Control Center in Serbia was signed in January. It also includes works under the second stage of Stara Pazova – Novi Sad line that involves reconstruction and modernization works on the existing section and the construction of the double-track with a total length of 40.4 km. After the project will be completed, trains will run at speeds of 200 km/h. Stara Pazova – Novi Sad section is part of the Belgrade – Budapest railway line.
Besides, in compliance with another article of the document RZD International will draft a project of reconstruction and modernization of the 210 km long railway line connecting Valjevo and Vrbnica, at the border with Montenegro, aiming at its further implementation.

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