Design contract awarded for Valencia port rail expansion

Valencia port rail expansionThe Port Authority of Valencia awarded the joint venture of Ardanuy Ingeniería and Gesman a contract to elaborate the study for Valencia port rail expansion. EUR 220,000 is the value of the contract which will be implemented over a period of five months.

The study will analyse the track duplication and third rail project between the Poniente and Levante piers.

The works to be carried out include the design of a second railway line that will be constructed between the Espigón del Turia pier and the access branch to the future railway terminal belonging to the Northern extension area.

Furthermore, the elaboration of the study also considers the electrification of both the general and terminus tracks of the Levante Terminal Station as well as the development of their safety, signalling and communications systems.

The new rail terminal layout will consist of one general rail track and another two for loading/unloading operations located next to the container terminal. The layout of the existing general rail track will be extended 202 m and adapted to make room for the extension of the existing load/unload rail tracks that will be lengthened from 330 and 435 up to 799 and 804 metres respectively.

The projects are part of the Connecting Europe Facility funding for the Valencia port rail expansion and development.

The study on Connect ValenciaPort project has received EUR 11.6 million CEF funding under the 2014 call that had a EUR 55.9 million eligible cost.

The project concerns the upgrade of rail infrastructure including both, studies and construction works, as well as the deployment of ICT tools and technologies and addresses the most urgent problems affecting the Port of Valencia’s rail infrastructure.

The project aims at improving maritime and hinterland interconnectivity as well the accessibility,  constructing a Northern access.

The new and upgraded railway infrastructure will accomodate up to 750 metres long trains and will increase the number of trains over 600 metres long to the hinterland. The modernised facilities and infrastructure will also allow 18,000-20,000 TEUs containerships.

The initiatives are meant to respond to the constant increase in railway traffic recorded by the port and the railway infrastructure will be constructed with the standard gauge to enhance the railway freight traffic along the Mediterranean Corridor.


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