Design contract awarded for Tung Chung Line extension

Tung Chung Line extensionMTR awarded Atkins Arup Joint Venture the design consultancy contract for Tung Chung Line extension.

Under the contract, the JV will develop a design scheme comprising engineering design, preparation of the construction programme, gazette plans and project cost estimate, and liaison with government departments and other stakeholders.

“The award of this contract is an important milestone for the Tung Chung Line extension project. This   will be a community railway so throughout the planning, design and construction stages of the project, we will ensure an ongoing dialogue with the local communities,” Roger Bayliss, Projects Director of MTR Corporation said.

Other works that have also commenced include ground investigation and a survey of existing utilities.

The construction works are expected to start in 2023 and scheduled to be completed in 2029. The project is estimated at HKD 19 billion (USD 2.45 billion).

In April, the government of Hong Kong gave green light for the detailed planning and design of the project which includes a new Tung Chung East station located between the existing Sunny Bay and Tung Chung stations and a new terminal station at Tung Chung West.

The project also includes the airport railway extended overrun tunnel, an eastward extension of the existing overrun tunnels from Hong Kong station.

The intermediate Tung Chung East station is a key component of the transport infrastructure which supports the development of the Tung Chung New Town. The Tung Chung West station, located west of the existing Yat Tung Estate, will serve incumbent residents and potential housing developments nearby, including the Tung Chung New Town extension planning areas.

All the three stations in Tung Chung will create an essential transport infrastructure for the region and will allow future housing and business development.

The Tung Chung line has 8 stations and is one of MTR’s eleven transit lines offering transport connection between Tung Chung town and the central area of Hong Kong. The line is sharing a track section of the Airport Express line.

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