Design concept for Rail Baltica train unveiled

Rail Baltica high-speed train RB Rail has developed the first virtual concept of the Rail Baltica high-speed train that would connect the Baltic states with the Western European railway network.

The virtual concept train overview is made by the RB Rail experts and illustrates the features of the high-speed train, whereas the train visualizations are based on a general model train, allowing everyone to imagine the future train. The concept of high-speed train on Rail Baltica infrastructure will be powered by electricity.

The Rail Baltica high-speed train inspiration design comes from the one element that connects all three Baltic states – the Baltic sea. Sun, sea, and sand are reflected in the color scheme of the model train. This virtual model is an imaginary train, inspired by the most modern high-speed train sets which are in operation in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The Standard Class of the train is expected to consist of 8 carriages with approximately 70 seats per carriage. They will have Wi-Fi services, USB slots, charger points, and screens with updated information on the travel route will be available to all the passengers. The First Class will have a higher level of comfort such as more personal space with fewer people per carriage and extra legroom. A special area for business travellers will be available with teleconferencing facilities such as the meeting room and presentation screen.

The train will have a cafeteria located between the standard and first class to where passengers will benefit hot drinks and snacks throughout the journey.

The dedicated spaces allow wheelchair access for passengers with reduced mobility and priority seats for senior passengers, and each restroom is envisaged to be equipped with a baby changing table. Also, a special place for pets as they will be allowed to travel with the owners on every leg of the journey.

The train design will also provide a special area for bicycle and baggage storage to make the travelling more convenient for business and leisure travel as it is also foreseen that passengers will have an option to check-in their luggage for the connections with the airports.

The train will be equipped with fire safety system with smoke detection, video surveillance system, driver’s vigilance system an emergency button. “We have designed the train according to the latest ergonomic and comfort standards,” Jean-Marc Bedmar, RB Rail Head of Systems and Operation Department said.

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