Denver: RTD introduces Next Ride app

RTD has announced the new Next Ride app, which features real-time vehicle locations and better arrival predictions. Next Ride incorporates real-time data to provide accurate and timely predictions for bus and vehicle locations for light rail, making it easier for passengers to plan trips and make connections.
Next Ride is available on the RTD website and does not require a separate download from a third-party applications provider (like the App Store or Google Play). It is also optimized for mobile devices, allowing riders to access it on the go from a smart phone or tablet.
Predictions are based on the real-time position of vehicles combined with the speed to estimate arrival times. Predictions will be available 30 minutes before the start of a trip and the system will provide updates at least every 30 seconds. Locations and predictions are available for buses while vehicle locations only are available for light rail at this time with prediction capabilities planned for the future. Services are not yet available for commuter rail which includes the University of Colorado A Line and the B Line.

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