DB provides low-cost services for long-distance trains

Deutsche Bahn plans to attract more passengers for its long-distance trains and will provide low-cost tickets starting this summer.
In August, Deutsche Bahn will start selling second-class tickets from 19.90 euros. The special offer, called “Super Sparpreis”, which means a super low-cost, will become a permanent alternative of ticket acquisition. Currently, there are only two such tickets available at convenient prices: the “Flexpreis” (flexible price) and “Sparpreis” (economic price).
Starting from 19,90 euros, the new travel ticket will be a lot cheaper than those in the categories mentioned above, but it will be available only in limited numbers and cannot be cancelled. Also, DB plans to extend the characteristics of “City Ticket” to passengers who travel on long-distance trains. This means that passengers on national routes will be allowed to use train tickets with tariffs that are valid for local transport in the departure or arrivals cities or towns.
Starting in August, this service could be accessed by all passengers on long-distance trains, instead of just the Bahncard 25 and Bahncard 50 discount card-owners, as before.
For travels by Deutsche Bahn ICE, Intercity and Eurocity trains, covering distances of over 100 km, the “City Ticket” will be correlated with all economy and flexible tickets, but not with the new “Super Sparpreis” tariff offer.

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