DB consortium selected for California HSR early train operator contract

California High-Speed Rail Authority announced that within Board of Directors meeting, on October 19, 2017, it will recommend DB Engineering & Consulting USA as the winner of “early train operator” of the high speed line.
“The notice of proposed award identifies the team ranked first with the highest overall score that will be recommended for contract award to the Authority Board of Directors at their meeting on October 19, 2017. Award of the contract resulting from this procurement is contingent upon the approval of the Authority Board and execution of the contract,” the authority says.
The DB Engineering & Consulting USA consortium, formed by DB International US, DB, HDR and Alternate Concepts has achieved the highest ranking within the Request for Proposals released in June 2017.
The Authority has received four Proposals for the early train operator services.
The DB Engineering & Consulting USD is followed by Renfe, FS First Rail Group and China HSR ETO Consortium.
The primary focus of work under this contract will be in relation to future passenger services on the Silicon Valley to Central Valley Line (V2V) and its subsequent extension to San Francisco; additional work may also relate to any other extensions of the system.
The First Phase will be governed by a Pre-Development Agreement pursuant to which the Operator, specifically including its identified Key Personnel, will work alongside the Authority and its advisors on the design, development and procurement of the commercial aspects of high-speed rail passenger train operations. In the Second Phase, the Operator will be responsible for preparing for and operating the initial system pursuant to a Franchise Agreement to be negotiated and executed, consistent with the associated Financial Plan, at an appropriate time during the First Phase.
For the First Phase, the estimated not-to-exceed amount is USD 30 million for a proposed term of 6 years. The remuneration and term for the Second Phase will be negotiated during the First Phase.

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