Danish Railways issues tender for Wi-Fi advanced equipment

Customers are currently ‘very satisfied’ with the free Wi-Fi coverage, according to Danish State Railways (DSB), which is available on most of its services. However, the operator said it wants to secure its service and address areas which still have poor coverage.

Measures will include installing repeaters onboard trains to boost the Wi-Fi signal and the construction of more masts on the lineside. DSB expects to be able to roll out the new Wi-Fi by the end of 2019.

DSB has more than 195 million passengers every year and the DSB Group has an annual turnover of approximately DKK 10 billion (EUR 1.3 billion). DSB is an independent public corporation owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport.

DSB is the largest Danish train operating company, and the largest in Scandinavia. While DSB is responsible for passenger train operation on most of the Danish railways, goods transport and railway maintenance are outside its scope. DSB runs a commuter rail system, called S-train, in the area around the Danish capital, Copenhagen, that connects the different areas and suburbs in the greater metropolitan area.

Danish State Railways also operates some trains in Sweden, through its joint ventures contracts to operate the Roslagsbanan in Stockholm and Krösatågen service around Jönköping.

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