Czech Republic to announce new tenders for railway modernisation

This year, Správa železnic, the Czech railway infrastructure manager, is preparing to implement 75 investment projects which envisage modernisation works for 107 km of lines and for 11 stations. In 2020, the company will also put into operation 49 km of modernised railways.

CZK 30 billion (EUR 1.2 billion) is the value of the investment to be allotted this year.

The projects include the construction for the railway link between Prague, Václav Havel Airport and Kladno.

“Preparation of more important investments is successfully under way. From these, we can enumerate the construction for the railway service Prague, Václav Havel Airport and Kladno project where we have already reached the stage of preparing documentation for a building permit in some cases“, said Jiří Svoboda, the Director General of Správa železnic.

Two of the priority projects are in the phase of supplier selection and are funded under the CEF Blending Call and through a combination of EIB funding. They include the reconstruction of Velim – Poříčany and Dětmarovice – Petrovice u Karviné – state border with Poland railway stations, for which the construction works are expected to be launched this spring.

12 reconstruction projects which also include electrification, 4 repair projects on the regional lines and six GSM-R/ ETCS projects are listed to be carried out this year. Related to ETCS implementation, Správa železnic will open a tender for ETCS deployment on vehicles. In 2020, a supplier should be selected and construction of six new special hauling vehicles for catenary maintenance should be launched. Operational testing of switch points for a speed of 160 km/h to a section at Prosenice station will also be launched.

Správa železnic prepares connecting more line sections to the remote control from the traffic control centres. In 2020, the Plzeň junction and the Ústí nad Orlicí – Lichkov section will be connected to the Prague traffic control centre. The Dětmatovice (excluded) – Mosty u Jablunkova section will be also controlled through the Přerov control centre.

In addition, the installation of the monitoring systems at 14 selected railway crossings are to be completed, while the company is preparing a new project for 16 more selected crossings.

At the same time, Správa železnic will move further in HSL territorial and pre-project preparation in 2020. The feasibility studies for the Prague – Brno – Ostrava section will be completed. The procedure of updating principles for territorial development of individual regions will continue to allow acquiring a territorial decision. A tender to prepare the neede documentation for a territorial decision concerning the first Praha-Běchovice – Poříčany section is currently under way and will be followed by the Přerov – Ostrava and Modřice – Vranovice sections.

In 2019, Správa železnic has modernised 92 km of lines and has invested CZK 20 billion (EUR 793 million) in the railway infrastructure modernisation, which is CZK 600 million (EUR 23.8 million) more than in 2018.

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