Czech Republic and SNCF sign new agreement on HSR development

High-speed lines in the Czech RepublicCzech railway infrastructure manager, Správa železnic, and SNCF signed an agreement on the provision of services in preparation for the construction of high-speed lines in the Czech Republic.

The agreement will ensure continuous control of documentation for zoning decisions and continuation of works on next technical regulations, which will enable not only further stages of high-speed lines project preparation in the future, but also their construction, putting into operation, regular operation and maintenance.

“The cooperation with SNCF provides us with a model proven and practice-optimised technical solutions. Quality project preparation will reduce the costs of the following construction and operation of HSL as well,” said Jiří Svoboda, Director General of Správa železnic.

The agreement for the development of high-speed lines in the Czech Republic was concluded through a videoconference and was signed by Jiří Svoboda and the President of SNCF International, Diego Diaz.

Starting 2020 and within the next years, the pre-project preparation of HSL consisting mainly in the preparation of documentation for zoning decisions proceedings, will be fully started. For the next phases, the completion of the documentation is essential which will pave the way for designing works during the stage of the building permit documentation expected for 2023 at the latest.

Quality project preparation will reduce the costs of the construction and operation of HSL project.  The involvement of SNCF experts, who have real experience with the operation of this technically very advanced system minimises the risk of errors.

The cooperation will allow professional consultation with SNCF on the technical aspects of the high-speed lines and the designing work for zoning decisions and in the field of RAMS management (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) on the entire high-speed network.  It will also contribute to speed up the completion of the advanced technical standards needed for further preparation, construction and operation of the network. The agreement with SNCF will further allow savings of the funds spent on preparation and construction.

In 2019, the two companies signed an agreement on the development of a Manual, which is a design documentation that will help to decide the location and construction works. The Manual is completed and approved, and the values, requirements, recommendations and solutions of individual high-speed lines’ systems and subsystems will be used by employees of Správa železnic and its suppliers.

Svoboda said that “the continuation of cooperation with SNCF is the optimal solution” to start the construction works in 2025, as planned. It is expected that in the first connection will be operation within three years after the launch of the construction works.

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