Czech Corridor IV modernisation enters new phase

Czech rail infrastructure manager, SŽDC, officially started boring the Deboreč tunnel, the shorter of the two tunnels of Sudoměřice – Votice line on Czech Corridor IV. Boring started from the exit (Prague) portal and should be completed in July 2019, including the primal lining.
The Deboreč tunnel is bored by a so-called New Austrian Boring Method which consists in mechanical breaking of rocks and their following lock-out by primal lining which activates the basic properties of the rock massif. When the tunnel is completely bored next summer, secondary lining will be provided by formwork including bored parts of both tunnel portals. The tunnel’s bored part is 562 metres long.
OHL ŽS is the constructor, which also assured construction in the previous section Tábor – Sudoměřice with the Sudoměřice tunnel.
“The starting dozens of metres in the tunnel will be bored in geologically less favourable conditions as the rock will be broken mechanically, implemented procedures will be shorter and the reinforcement more massive. In the middle part of the tunnel, the massif should be stronger and rock should be broken by blasting which will make the construction procedure more effective,” Roman Kocúrek, Director General of OHL ŽS said.
The modernization of Sudoměřice – Votice line is one of the final stages of the constructions on the Corridor IV which connects Germany and Austria through Děčín, Prague and České Budějovice. A second track will be added to the current single-track line section as well as two tunnels and a new railway station Červený Újezd. All construction works should be completed in January 2022.
The project’s objective is the construction of one more tunnel (Mezno tunnel) with a length of an 840 metres. The Sudoměřice – Votice line will be mostly relocated from its current path which will shorten this route by 2 km. The current railway stations Střezimíř, Ješetice and Heřmaničky will be replaced by a single station called Červený Újezd and Mezno, Střezimíř, Červený Újezd, Ješetice and Heřmaničky become line’s new stops. Between Ješetice and Heřmaničky stops, three long scaffold bridges are going to be constructed, the longest one being 244 metres long.
The total value of Sudoměřice – Votice modernisation is CZK 7.16 billion (EUR 279.6 million) and a request for co-financing this project under the operational Programme Transport 2014 – 2020 from the EU Cohesion Fund was submitted at the end of 2017. In case of its approval, the EU contribution can amount up to CZK 5.15 billion (EUR 201.22 million) and the national contribution will be provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.

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