CZ Loko to produce three hybrid locomotives

EffiLiner 2000

CZ Loko will manufacture three new locomotives in various types of energy such as electricity, batteries and internal combustion engines planned to enter market until 2023. The new hybrid locomotives are called DualShunter 2000, EffiLiner 2000 and DualLiner 2000.

“We are working on several versions of new locomotives, some of which should be on the market between 2022 and 2023,” said CZ Loko CEO, Josef Gulyás.

The concepts’ basis is the HybridShunter 400 locomotive unveiled in 2019, which is using battery power and is equipped with a CAT C4.4 backup diesel engine with an output of about 130kW. An 8-hour charged battery is able to handle 16 hours of operation. According to the company, the prototype tests will begin this year and several Czech industrial companies have expressed their interest in testing the new locomotive under normal conditions.

DualShunter 2000

The DualShunter 2000 electro-diesel locomotive is based on the EffiShunter 1000 and will have an output of around 2 MW. The locomotive will still have a diesel engine, but it will also be equipped with a pantograph and traction equipment to operate on electrified lines. The locomotive’s weight should not exceed 80 tonnes.

The EffiLiner 2000 concept includes a diesel-electric drive with an additional 400 kW equivalent battery.

DualLiner 2000

The 80-tonnes DualLiner 2000 hybrid locomotive will operate on the electrified lines in both 3kV and 25 kV 50 Hz traction systems and will also have a diesel engine. It will have the same output of 2MW and it will be designed for speeds of 120 km/h. The combination of dependent and independent traction will allow ‘last-mile’ operation.

“We intend to develop these performance parameters of our locomotives in the coming years. However, our main business is and will be shunting locomotives and locomotives for medium-haul service,” Jaroslav Plhák, the Technical Director, said.

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