CZ Loko to complete ECM certification process

CZ Loko started the procedure to obtain the Entity in Charge of Maintenance (ECM) certification which will allow the company to provide rolling stock maintenance services. The certification means that the manufacturer is responsible for the proper and timely maintenance of individual vehicles within their sphere of competence.

“Although this is to some extent an administrative complication, it is nevertheless a necessary legislative modification that will be beneficial for improving the quality of operation and increasing safety on the railway in general. We also see the situation as a huge market opportunity and have been fully engaged in preparations across the company for several months,” Jan Kutálek, the Sales Director and Member of the Board of Directors of CZ Loko said.

Since July 1st, CZ Loko has established a new Customer Service Department that intensively works to prepare MyLoko application to transfer the after-sales services into “a clear, intuitive and modern on-line environment.” CZ Loko is developing the aforementioned desktop application MyLoko to be launched in January 2022. A pilot version will be available for selected customers starting this October.

“Clients can then be in contact with our customer service staff virtually around the clock. The environment will also include on-line monitoring and tracking of individual vehicles using the system of our long-term partner GX Corpfin, which will be fully implemented in MyLoko. I am convinced that this service will bring significant financial savings to all users, not only in the cost of planning and ensuring regular maintenance of their vehicles,” Jan Kutálek explained.

The new obligation is required by the 4th Railway Package of the European Union, which included all railway vehicles in the required certification of the maintenance system, which has so far only applied to freight railcars. This includes locomotives, complete units, passenger cars as well as special vehicles. The European Union wants to standardise the quality of the rolling stock maintenance services. each vehicle will have its own registration from mid-June 2022 and therefore a guarantee that it is in a safe and operational condition.

Currently, CZ Loko provides service and repair and complex modernisation of locomotives made by ČKD, Luhanskteplovoz, BMZ, Fablok, GE and other manufacturers


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