CTA to improve 30 stations this year

CTA rail stations 30 CTA rail stations will enter extensive repairs and improvements this year under the Refresh & Renew revitalization programme which last year was expanded and accelerated to target more than 90 percent of all rail stations.

“One of our top priorities is to always ensure that we are providing a safe and clean traveling experience for our customers. As ridership numbers continue to move in a positive direction, we want our riders to know that we value them and that we remain committed to providing them with a comfortable transit experience,” CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. said.

The station improvement work at the selected stations worth USD 2.1 million and will be carried out until the end of 2022 on nine lines. On the Red Line and Purple Line, CTA will improve 8 stations (two on Purple Line), on Blue Line, 6 stations will be improved, 8 stations on the Green Line, and two on the Loop, while on other four lines the works will take place on one station each: Brown Line (Kedzie station), Orange Line (Midway station), Pink Line (California station) and Yellow Line (Dempster-Skokie station).

The Refresh & Renew initiative is a year-round, cyclical maintenance programme that was launched in 2019 and designed to help promote the safety, security and longevity of CTA rail stations and operational facilities. As part this program, crews also address behind-the-scenes needs and repairs to keep the stations in a state of good repair, including removal of outdated fixtures and equipment, repairs to utility and plumbing lines.

In 2021, CTA expanded and accelerated the programme investing USD 3.5 million to improve 127 rail stations. Among those stations, 35 received more extensive work that included improved platform amenities (e.g., benches, trash bins, windbreaks, etc.), concrete repairs, updating or replacement of old or damaged signage, upgraded LED lighting throughout, permanent repairs, and more. The remaining 92 stations received moderate improvements that included lighting upgrades, repainting of surfaces.


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