CRRC Times Electric presented its signalling solution at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit

Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric held the first global conference of CRRC Group on the ETCS signalling systems, which took place during the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, where Railway PRO was once again present as Gold Media Partner.
The SigThemis system shows that CRRC can provide more comprehensive signalling solutions for global customers. Based on the ETCS structure, the SigThemis signalling system is fully compliant with the latest ETCS Baseline 3 B3R2 standard and can fully support ETCS-NTC/0/1/2 level system applications.
The system includes onboard EVC (European Vital Computer), ground RBC (Radio Block Centre), ground KMC (Key Management Centre), ground CBI (Computer Based Interlocking) and ground CTC (Centralised Traffic Control) systems. The EVC system is suitable for a variety of models, supporting B3 and B2 versions, as well as PS (Packet-Switched) and CS (Controller Server) modes of GSM-R. it is also supporting offline and online key management operations and has the characteristics of flexible application and wide applicability. It can not only meet the construction of new standard lines, but also it can be highly compatible with existing lines, with a high degree of interconnection and interoperability.
The ground-based RBC system has more than 90% TSI compliance, and provides many optional functional applications based on mandatory functions, including crossing management, collaborative shortening of traffic permit, LS/SH mode curves, and different speed limits for different types of vehicles, in order to improve the line operation efficiency. The RBC system can be configured as version B3 or B2, and it supports the interface of version B3 and B2 with different adjacent RBC systems, which greatly improves the ability of system engineering.
The ground KMC system adopts technologies conforming to international information security standards to realize full lifecycle management of communication key generation, storage, distribution, and destruction.
The ground CBI system has occupancy detection, access and protection zone control, signal proximity control, ETCS transponder message control and port interface management functions.
The ground CTC system uses triple redundancy architecture to improve system reliability, with timetable programming and online adjustment, train tracking, and customized user interface functions.
The SigThemis signal system has achieved ISA certification and TSI conformity certification (EVC has been certified by CB and CD mode, RBC has been certified by CH1 mode).
“CRRC has become a signalling manufacturer with the latest standard certification of both on-board and ground systems,” the company says.

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