CRRC starts work on new manufacturing plant for Chicago’s metro trains

CRRC Sifang America officially launched the beginning of the construction on a new USD 100 million facility on the Southeast Side of Chicago that will assemble the Chicago Transit Authority’s newest rail cars, the 7000-series. The 380,994-square-foot facility, paid for entirely by CRRC, will be completed in 2018. It will be constructed CTA’s base order of 400 railcars for a total of USD 632 million (USD 1.58 million per car), with future options for an additional 446 railcars. The first rail car prototypes are expected to be completed in 2019. Approximately USD 7 million will be spent on training for their Chicago final assembly facility workforce.
“This new facility represents a major investment in Chicago that will bring economic opportunities to the Southeast Side, while creating good-paying jobs for hundreds of workers. The rail cars that emerge from this facility will be the latest step we’ve taken to invest in world-class transportation, and to create a 21st Century transit system,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, during the event.
In March 2016, CTA awarded CRRC Sifang America a contract to build 846 new rail cars. Within the tender, CSR Sifang America JV, submitted the lowest bid of USD 1.309 billion for 846 railcars.
“CRRC Sifang America is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Chicago Transit Authority to produce the next generation of railcars in Chicago, for Chicago. We are committed to producing top-of-the- line railcars to enhance CTA rider experience, while also creating new jobs at our assembly facility in the city. We are confident CRRC Sifang America’s partnerships in Chicago will make this project a success for us and for the city,” CRRC Corporation Vice President Sun Yongcai said.
The 7000-series rail cars, which will be the first CTA rail cars produced in Chicago since 1964, include such features as AC-power propulsion for smooth, quiet rides; additional security cameras both inside and outside the vehicle; and GPS-triggered announcements and automatic passenger counting for improved service planning.

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