CRRC to deliver flat wagons to Hupac

CRRC International Corporation and Hupac signed a contract in Chiasso, Switzerland, for the supply of flat wagons that will be produced by CRRC Shandong. Under the contract, in the next two years, CRRC will have to obtain the EU certification and the wagon registration at the Swiss Federal office of transport. The design, manufacture and certification of this batch of railway wagons will be undertaken by CRRC subsidiary.
In addition, the two companies held talks on cooperation and shaping the future of intermodal transport in the fields of maintenance, leasing of rolling stock and close cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiatives. This is yet another achievement made by CRRC in its response to and implementation of the Belt and Road Initiatives as well as another entrance to a developed European country after its successful export to France, Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom.
Hupac has been active on the Chinese rail transport market for nearly a decade, with an own subsidy in Shanghai since 2015. One of the last projects was the launch of the “Xin Ou Di” (Xinjiang China to Europe to Mediterranean) international freight train for a Chinese chemical producer, which links the European railway network with the mainland in China.

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