Coradia Meridian regional train in service on the airport link in Rome

ETR425_041-JazzLeonardoExpress-TrenoReg3306RomaTerminiFiumicino-Alstom’s Coradia Meridian train, in its airport link version, entered into commercial service at Rome Termini railway station. The train is called Leonardo Express and will connect Rome to Fiumicino Airport.
New-born of the Coradia Meridian train family, the 8 trainsets are part of an order placed by Trenitalia to Alstom in November 2012.
If similar technically to other Coradia Meridan “Jazz” trains already operating on the Italian regional network, the airport link differentiates itself by a wider space for luggage and a red-white-green livery, referring to the Italian flag.
Coradia Meridian is an Electric Multiple Unit (EMU) train able to run at a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Its concentrated traction system, with two motor bogies, optimises the electrical braking capability of the train allowing energy consumption and brake wear to be reduced. Designed to be eco-friendly, the train is 95% recyclable.

Photo: Alstom Transport

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