Contract awarded for Renfe’s MaaS national platform

Renfe awarded Siemens Mobility and everis a 5-year contract to develop and operate a countrywide, intelligent Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform, allowing users to plan, book and pay for trips in a single application.

The comprehensive digital platform will integrate various modes of shared and public transport, such as train, bicycle, metro, bus, car sharing, and scooter services, so passengers can easily identify and directly book the trip option that best meets their needs. Once completed, the platform will be available in 27 cities across Spain including metropolitan areas like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, and Sevilla.

Siemens Mobility and everis have teamed up to deliver and operate the platform. Siemens Mobility will provide the core technology for the system, while the multinational consulting firm everis will supply the system integration and support for the commercial operation, including the marketing and legal aspects.

Siemens Mobility’s intermodal digital solutions are powered by its subsidiaries Hacon, eos.uptrade, Bytemark and Padam Mobility. With its trip planning software HAFAS provided by Hacon, Siemens Mobility has successfully implemented intermodal MaaS systems across the world including, Dubai, Denmark, Luxembourg, Andorra and soon to be Netherlands, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States.

“MaaS is a very passenger-centered approach and significantly enhances the passenger experience for travelers throughout Spain and will contribute to making sustainable modes of transportation more attractive. Renfe is shaping the future of mobility in Spain and we’re proud to be part of this journey”, Agustin Escobar, CEO of Siemens Mobility Spain and Southwest Europe region said.

According to Renfe, the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform will attract a minimum of 650,000 new customers to train travel, who will generate 1.8 million new trips in five years, increasing train ticket sales in the main corridors by between 3% and 4%.

Renfe’s forecast is that the new system and personalised passenger experience has the potential to provide up to EUR 156 million of additional income in the five years following implementation.


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