Contract awarded for Penn Station access project

The NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has approved a design-build contract for the Penn Station Access Project won by the Halmar International, LLC/RailWorks joint venture.

The current project construction schedule is estimated at 63 months and USD 2.87 billion. It is estimated the project will create or retain approximately 4,500 direct jobs and another 10,000 indirect jobs.

“Metro-North is coming to the east Bronx and bringing faster commutes with it. This one project by itself is a big step forward for environmental justice, environmentally sustainable transportation, the Bronx economy and regional interconnectivity, and yet another example of our ongoing efforts to make sure that all New Yorkers have the modernised transport systems they deserve,” the Governor of New York Kathleen Hochul said.

The project covers four new ADA – accessible stations, 30.5 km of new and rehabilitated track on Amtrak’s Hell Gate Line transforming the currently double-track line into four-track rail. The project also includes the rehabilitation of four bridges as well as the upgrade of the signalling and communications systems, the enhancement of stormwater management and the reconfiguration of Metro-North’s New Rochelle Yard. Under the project, four new and one reconfigured interlockings, five new and two upgraded substations, and the modernisation of signal, power and communication infrastructure also will be implemented.

The Penn Station Access Project also will improve regional transport connectivity, enhance network resiliency by providing a second Metro-North terminal in Manhattan, promote sustainability and bridge communities. By using Amtrak’s existing Hell Gate Line, the project will maximise the potential of existing infrastructure, while minimising impacts on the community. This year, the Governor of New York has unveiled the Penn Station development plans to boost public transport.

It will bring the Hell Gate Line into a state of good repair and improve reliability and on-time performance for intercity passengers and prepare the corridor for high speed rail in the future. Amtrak will contribute USD 500 million toward the project and has also agreed to pay the costs of delay if they fail to meet commitments to provide outages or workforce.

The Penn Station Access Project will provide direct Metro-North service from the Bronx, Westchester and Connecticut to Penn Station and Manhattan’s west side and will drastically reduce travel times for people who live and work in the East Bronx, an area currently without any rail service.  The new service will save East Bronx riders up to approximately 50 minutes in each direction to Penn Station, and up to 75 minutes in each direction to Connecticut. Current New Haven Line riders with destinations on the west side will save up to 40 minutes per day since travel from Grand Central will not be necessary.

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