Contract awarded for LA Airport Connector project

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) awarded KDG+DE Construction Support Services a USD 25.9 million contract to provide construction support for the Airport Metro Connector (AMC) 96th Street Transit Station project, which will serve Metro Rail and local bus lines. The station will also be the transfer point between local transit and the future Los Angeles World Airport (LAWA) Automated People Mover that will provide quick rides to and from LAX passenger terminals.
KDG+DE is a partnership of KDG Construction Consulting and Destination Enterprises.
Metro expects to begin heavy construction in mid-2020 with the station forecast to open in 2023, the same year as the LAX people mover is scheduled to debut.
“The 96th Street Station is critical transit infrastructure which will serve millions of rail and airport passengers for decades to come. I am proud that the KDG+DE team was selected as the most qualified to assist Metro in connecting the Los Angeles’ public transit system with LAX,” Lydia Kennard, CEO of KDG, said.
The new transit station will connect the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to the regional transit system. The station will include three LRT platforms to be served by the Crenshaw/LAX Line and an extension of the Metro Green Line, bus plaza and terminal facility bicycle hub with secured parking, pedestrian plaza, passenger vehicle pick-up and drop-off area and metro transit center/terminal building.

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