Consultancy contract signed for a new line in Poland

PKP Polish Railway Lines signed a EUR 41.8 million (PLN 180 million) contract for the development of the needed documentation on the construction of a new railway line connecting Podłęże with Tymbarkiem and Mszana Dolna, all situated in southern Poland. This is the first of three stages of investment for the construction of a new line called “Podłęże – Piekiełko” and for the modernisation of the existing line No. 104 Chabówka – Nowy Sącz.
The contract will be carried out by a Franco-Polish consortium comprising three companies, headed by Egis Rail. The contract includes preparatory works, the development of project documentation and land acquisition necessary for the new tracks. The documentation contractor will also provide PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe the needed studies for the execution of construction works, including a programme and spatial concept, construction and executive designs, administrative decisions. It will also prepare the tender documentation for construction works.
The next stage envisages the modernisation of the 75 km railway line No. 104 between Chabówka and Nowy Sącz, and the construction of a new route linking Podłęże with Tymbark and Mszana Dolna.
The new rail route will require the construction of 58 km of new tracks, 11 tunnels, 20 bridges and over 30 viaducts.
This project will ensure better connections of the regions of southern Małopolska (Tatry, Beskidy, Gorce) with Kraków and other large agglomerations, through a radical reduction of travel time. The new line will ensure more efficient travel, more convenient and faster travel by train to tourist destinations. The industrial and economic activities in the districts of Sądecczyzna, Limanowszczyzna and Podhala will increase.
This is an important project for Poland as it will provide better rail link in Małopolska on country’s north-south axis. Also, for Europe, the project will provide rail connection on Baltic-Balkans-Black Sea axis.
The first stage on the documentation preparation will be carried out until 2021, the second will be implemented in 2020-2024 and the finale one, will be completed in 2027.
The value of the construction of the new line and the modernisation of the Chabówka – Nowy Sącz line is EUR 1.6 billion (PLN 7 billion).

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