Consortium selected to complete civil works on Cuenca Tram project

The Autonomous Municipal Decentralized Government of Cuenca, Ecuador, selected the ACTN Consortium to complete the civil works of the Cuenca tram. Under the agreement, the consortium will perform the construction of the workshop yard, the preparation of the road platform and the implementation of the technological systems (SIR) for the transport of the low-voltage system. The consortium is composed of Alstom, CIM (Compagnie Internationale de Maintenance) and NGE Group (TSO and NGE contracting).
After a thorough analysis of the different expressions of interest and proposals presented in the selection process, the Government, made the decision based on the Technical and Economic Report prepared by the Executive Unit of the Cuenca Tram Project. The contract process was carried out following the guidelines stated in the Organic Law of the National System of Public Contracting.
In 2013, Alstom, the leader of the group of companies named GME CITA, was awarded a contract to provide the integrated electromechanical tramway system including, electrification with a part in APS solution and to supply 14 Citadis trams.
“Alstom, with its partners, is dedicated to the successful completion of the Cuenca Tramway line. Looking further ahead, Alstom expects to expand its operations to provide the same high quality and efficient solutions to the rest of the country, in order to benefit the Ecuadorian population” said Ludovic D’Hauthuille, Managing Director for North LAM at Alstom.
The 20-km single track line will be the first tramway system in Ecuador. It will include 27 stations and will cross the historical city center over 4 km. The line, which will be inaugurated in 2016, should be able to carry up to 120,000 passengers per day.
Cuenca, the third largest city in Ecuador, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To preserve its architectural heritage, the city chose Alstom’s APS technology.

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