Conformity certificate for Moskva-2019 metro train

Transmashholding has received the certificate of conformity for the Moskva -2019 new metro cars, manufactured by Metrovagonmash.
After the needed tests, the new metro cars received a certificate confirming their compliance with the requirements for the safety of passenger traffic.
The certification tests began at the Metrovagonmash plant in January 2019. First of all, the experts tested the electrical system of cable insulation, the fire warning system, as well as the functionality of all systems in the cabin. in depot conditions, running and brake tests were carried out, including, during service, the electrical braking and emergency braking system. The tests of the radio station intended for the radio communication of the driver with the dispatcher were separately conducted. The new cars are equipped with optimized radio communication system, ensuring uninterrupted communication with the control center.
In addition, the interior design – passenger seats, configuration of handrails, flooring, interior cladding, the ergonomic tests of salons, sanitary and hygienic tests of interior trim elements have been re-conducted.
By the end of 2019, 360 cars of the new series will be transferred to the Moscow Metro.

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