Christian Chavanel is the new director of UIC’s Rail System Department

The International Union of Railways (UIC) has appointed a new director of the Rail System Department, Mr. Christian Chavanel.

Christian Chavanel

He is replacing Marc Antoni, who had run the department in the past five years.

Christian Chavanel is a railway professional with an experience of more than 30 years in different areas of the sector: international development, project management, operations, maintenance, railway safety and regulatory affairs. He is an engineer and has an Executive MBA.

Christian Chavanel, long-standing experience

 During his career, Mr. Chavanel was:

-Interoperability and Normalization Director at SNCF from 2014 to 2019;

-President of the CEN-CENELEC (former JPC-R) railway sector Forum from 2016 to 2019;

-Operations Director (TER SNCF);

-Project Manager (TER SNCF);

-Director Paris Gare de Lyon;

-District director of the infrastructure direction.

The Rail System Department assists the Rail System Forum in its activities. The Forum is composed of six sectors whose mission is to maintain railways as the foothold of technology and to provide direct connections with the other transport modes.

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