Chinese LRV for Tel Aviv unveiled

On April 16, CRRC’s first light rail vehicle made for Tel Aviv Red Line rolled off the production line in northeastern China’s Changchun Province. The LRV was presented by Efi Kalifa Kalifa, the vice-president of Tel Aviv Metropolitan Mass Transit System (NTA).
The LRV has highest level of safety and is equipped with special traction control system and air-conditioning system enabling smooth and pleasant trips in the hot and humid Mediterranean weather. Besides, cutting-edge technologies like automatic train operation and composite material make the vehicle lighter and more eco-friendly.
“The new metro car developed by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles marks the first time that a low-floor LRV made completely by China enters a developed country’s market,” CRRC said.
In 2015, NTA and CRRC signed the contract to supply 90 LRVs for the Red Line, with an option for 30 additional vehicles. The contract also includes a 16-year maintenance services.
The Red Line will link Petah Tikva central station with Bat Yam in southern part of the city. The length of the line is 24 km, of which 11 km are in a tunnel from Manshiyya/Neve Tzedek to Geha Interchange. The line includes 34 stations along its route, with 24 above ground and 10 underground. The distance between above ground stations is 500 meters and the distance between underground stations is one kilometer.
The Red Line will be backbone of Tel Aviv mass transit system as it is crossing through the most congested regions of the metropolitan area, serving the greatest number of passengers when compared with future lines to be constructed.
The line is scheduled to enter services in 2021.

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