Chinese locomotive for DB passed EMC test

The hybrid shunting locomotive for DB delivered by CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive has successfully passed the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test at Minden facility in Minden, north-east of North Rhine-Westphalia. Thus, the Chinese locomotive has fully met the requirements of the German locomotive EMC test.
This EMC test is one of the important points of DeBo and NoBo certification. It is divided into static test and dynamic test. It is very demanding and difficult and has never been carried out before in domestic locomotives.
The locomotive has been equipped with telex traction, supplied by CRRC Times Electric.
In September 2018, CRRC has unveiled the first images of the Kleinstlok HH locomotive which will be used in Hamburg. In the same year, DB and CRRC Zhuzhou signed a contract for up to 20 locomotives, with an initial firm order for 4 vehicles, of which two will be used for trains’ maintenance and shunting activities in the Hamburg S-Bahn network.
The four-axle hybrid shunting locomotive for DB is equipped with diesel generator and lithium batteries which will allow the diesel engine to be switched off when the locomotive is on idle and all the power is provided by the battery. By using hybrid traction, the energy saving is estimated at 30%, compared to traditional locomotives, and its braking system allows an 80% energy recovery. The locomotives, which can run at a maximum speed of 100 km/h, will be delivered by 2021.

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