Chinese companies will build three Moscow metro stations

moscow metroChinese contractors will be involved in the construction of three Moscow metro stations on the Third Interchange Circuit.
The foreign team will be commissioned to complete the Aminyevskoye Shosse, Michurinsky Prospekt and Prospekt Vernadskogo stations, as well as tunnels before the end of 2019.
“Metro construction requires best world practices to be employed, and our Chinese partners have the necessary advantage. They know how to deal with expedited projects, internationally recognised advanced construction methods, how to ensure high productivity and financial stability,” Mosinzhproekt CEO Mars Gazizullin said.
The Third Interchange Circuit will run underground 10 km away from the Circle Line and will become the longest metro line in the country at 62.3 km. The circuit will include 28 stations, 7 of which will intersect radial railway routes; 17 will cross other metro lines and two will cross the Moscow Central Circle. The first section of the Third Interchange Circuit will open this year. It will be completed between 2020 and 2021.

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