China: more than USD 320 billion to be invested in urban rail transit

shanghai_MetroThe total investment in chinese urban rail transit industry is estimated to surpass CNY 2 trillion (USD 327 billion) during the period of 2015-2020, WhaTech Channel informs. By the first half of 2015, 39 cities have got their recent construction plan approved by the Chinese government. And it is estimated that by 2020, urban rail transit is set to open in about 50 cities with the total operating mileage reaching 6000-7000 kilometers and covering all major cities in China.
As an important part of infrastructure, urban rail transit construction in China requires large investments. Relevant calculations have shown that every CNY 100 millon (USD 163.5 thousand) investment will stimulate GDP growth by CNY 300 million (USD 491 thousand) and bring about thousands of jobs, obviously boosting economic development.
The number of cities with operating urban rail transit lines in mainland China has increased from 5 to 22 during the period of 2002-2014. And Shanghai ranks first in the running mileage of urban rail transit which has surpassed 530 kilometers while cities like Zhengzhou and Harbin only report less than 30 kilometers.
By the end of 2014, among all 22 Chinese cities with operating urban rail transit lines, Shanghai ranks first in the total length of operating network with 539.2 kilometers and 14 lines, Beijing second with 520.3 kilometers and 18 lines, Guangzhou third with 245.4 kilometers and 9 lines, Chongqing fourth with 192.6 kilometers and 4 lines and Shenzhen fifth with 176.3 kilometers and 5 lines.

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