China-Europe high-speed freight transport to be developed

DHL Global Forwarding intends to launch a high-speed freight traffic from China to Europe, using UTLC ERA transport services. It is expected that under the agreement, the total transit time will be reduced to 10-12 days, from 17, on a 9,400 km route.
“By all means, the transit time is a key performance indicator. Routes geography in the UTLC ERA services is growing daily with new locations, both in China and in Europe,” said Alexey Grom, CEO of UTLC ERA.
The new high-speed railway services will link Xi’an city and Hamburg, passing through the territories of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region. The transshipment is carried out at the border crossings between China and Kazakhstan, at Khorgos/Altynkol, and between Russia and Poland, at Mamonovo/Braniewo.
“The Mamonovo/Braniewo corridor significantly reduces the transit time. This is undoubtedly a new level of speed and efficiency in the railway connection between China and Europe,” Steve Huang, CEO of DHL Global Forwarding China, said.

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