China announces new plans for rail expansion

China Railway Corp announced that in 2019 will put into operation 6,800 new rail links including 3,200 km high-speed connections.
With the new railway lines, China’s railway network will be able to transport 3.5 billion passengers and 3.4 billion tonnes per year.
At the end of 2018, China’s railway network reached 131,000 km, of which 29,000 km are designed for bullet train services. The whole network transported 3.4 billion passengers last year, representing a 9.4% increase y-o-y.
In 2018, China has invested USD 117 billion (CNY 803 billion) in rail fixed assets. USD 110.7 billion (CNY 760.3 billion) was invested in the expansion of the railway network. The country opened almost 4,700 km of new lines, of which 4,100 km support the high-speed rail traffic. China’s high-speed network accounts for 65% of the global network.

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