Chicago completed Belmont Blue Gateway project

The president of Chicago Transit Authority, Dorval R. Carter, Jr, cut the ribbon on the Belmont Blue Gateway project, marking the completion of the USD 492 million Your New Blue (YNB) programme to modernize and improve the O’Hare branch of the Blue Line.
Upgrades made as part of this USD 17 million project include the addition of a new architectural steel canopy for the terminal, designed by the Chicago architecture firm Carol Ross Barney. The canopy creates a community gateway for the station and local neighborhood, while also visually enhancing the street-level entrance to the subway station.
Project’s improvement also included safer and modernized bus arrival and departure area, permanent prepaid boarding area, enhanced communications systems, new LED lighting as well as new concrete platform decking.
“This one investment has created new jobs and business opportunities, while also providing residents and visitors with a safer, modern, more efficient travel environment with a one-of-a-kind experience that is only available here in the Avondale community,” CTA president said.
Belmont is the ninth of 14 stations to be renewed under the YNB programme and follows a number of other projects that are either completed or underway, including track and signal system improvements to increase service reliability for customers.

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