CFR SA gets green light for a project of over EUR 600 million

One of the most important railway infrastructure investment projects carried out by the Romanian rail infrastructure manager, CFR SA, “Rehabilitation of Simeria – Curtici – Border railway, a component of pan-European corridor IV, Km 614 (Arad) – Simeria (Hunedoara) – PHASE II section of 144 km, received the construction permit for execution of works.
The cost of authorised works, VAT excluded, is RON 2.91 billion (EUR 630 million). The order for the beginning of works will be issued at the beginning of June 2018, after the handing in of work sites. The project, coordinated by the Ministry of Transport, is financed with European funds from the Operational Programme Large Infrastructure (POIM).
The execution authorisation was issued for:
-embankments works: embankment, excavated materials, around 2,949,643 cube meters
-railway superstructure works such as rehabilitation of running lines and main lines in stations, deflecting stations, end of rails, switches and other lines from stations.
-consolidation works: reinforced concrete supporting walls, pillars, repairs to existing supporting walls
– structures: 3 tunnels, 46 overpasses and underpasses and bridges, 54 culverts
-drainage works: drains, channels
-road works: maintenance
-railway infrastructure civil engineering works including installations and auxiliary facilities: platforms, canopies, pedestrian ways, auxiliary construction works, GSM-R
-relocation/protection of facilities works (including overpasses and underpasses): carried out within the existing location and the additional expropriated corridor
-railway installations, including the overhead line, signalling, telecommunications, energy supply, lighting of station ends, protection of track and installation
-works for rail traffic safety
-environment protection works
Works are due in 3 years after the actual beginning of works. The construction permit is valid for the whole project implementation period until the completion of works, namely until signing the minutes of works final reception.
Authorised works are divided into four contracts and will be carried out by Astaldi SpA Italia – FCC Construccion SA Spain Consortium, Aktor – Alstom – Arcada Consortium and FCC Construccion SA Spain – Astaldi SpA Italia – Convensa Spain Consortium.
Another construction permit was issued for this project in 2017 – Phase I which authorised the works carried out on the current work site for which expropriations were not necessary.

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