CFL Multimodal uses Traxens’ IoT solution for wagon tracking

CFL Multimodal awarded Traxens a contract to supply its patented cargo tracking IoT system on operator’s freight wagons throughout the European corridor and the New Silk Road to China.
Traxens’ solution provides comprehensive, precise and timely data about cargo by tracking wagons in transit anywhere in the world. Traxens’ technology brings improved efficiency and security, greater transparency and enhanced asset utilization thanks to improved wagons and goods tracking, geolocalisation and mileage monitoring.
At the end of 2018, the two companies launched a pilot project, when CFL fitted Traxens Box devices on flat wagons travelling between European destinations. As this initial trial was successful, it was extended earlier this year to over 20 wagons delivering cargo to more distant European destinations. In April 2019 Traxens’ rail freight telematics technology was then tested on wagons travelling to China.
As part of it digitalization strategy, CFL aims to streamline train preparation operations through automation, including digital brake testing.

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