Central Suburban Passenger orders additional TMH EMUs

Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (DMZ), part of Transmashholding, will supply Central Suburban Passenger Company (CSPC), Russia’s commuter rail operator, 10 additional EP2D electrical multiple units. Under the agreement, DMZ will deliver the new EMUs by the end of this year.
The new trains will be deployed on Moscow’s railway network, in the direction of Kiyevsky, Rizhsky and Kursky railway stations.
The acquisition of these EMUs is carried out under a leasing scheme supported by VEB-Leasing.
“The renewal of CSPC rolling stock fleet is our priority. The acquisition of modern and efficient trains will make possible the increase of passengers’ comfort and will optimise the level of safety and reliability,” CSPC Director for Operations, Vladimir Kozlov, said.
In the first half of this year, Demikhovsky Engineering Plant has delivered CSPC 10 similar EMUs.
The EP2D EMUs are equipped with safety systems in case of crash, with air-conditioning system and has special zones for bicycles. They are designed in a 2-3 cars format, allowing economic and efficient operation on routes with small passenger traffic. The operating costs are also reduced by modern technical solutions and train design. Over the trains’ life cycle, which is 30 years, the costs are reduced by 20-50% compared to the existing EMUs

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