ČD launches tender for 47 EMUs

regional EMUsČeské dráhy (ČD) has launched a tender for the supply of 47 dual-voltage regional EMUs including the provisioning of selected spare parts and complete services for a period of 15 years. CZK 8.4 billion (EUR 354 million) is the estimated value of the contract.

The winning bidder of the international tender is to supply Czech Railways with modern, air-conditioned, low-floor electric multiple units with 1st and 2nd class with a capacity of at least 140 seats intended for the two main traction systems in the Czech Republic (3 kV DC and 25 kV / 50 Hz AC).

The trains should also be equipped to deliver Wi-Fi connection, power sockets for powering portable electronics, as well as sockets for recharging the batteries of electric wheelchairs or electric bikes. The new EMUs will provide special spaces for strollers or bicycles and a modern audio-visual information system.

High traffic safety will be ensured by equipment with the most modern European train security system ETCS and the GSM-R communication system.

The new trains will provide passengers increase access and comfort. “Customers’ demand for modern vehicles is increasing, which is why we launched a competition for the supply of up to 47 electric units,” Jiří Ješeta, member of the board of directors of ČD, said, adding that “they will offer modern and comfortable travel” for passengers.

The regional EMUs should be designed to run at a speed of up to 160 km/h.

Last year, ČD has launched two tenders totalling CZK 42.2 billion (EUR 1.78 billion) for the supply of 150 EMUs which will provide suburban and long-distance services. The new trains would have a capacity of 1,140 seated passengers when combined to up to three units into a maximum 12-car train.

This year, the operator has also launched tenders for the supply of 15 battery-electric trains for the Moravian-Silesian region, 90 EMUs for Prague metropolitan area and 60 vehicles capable to run at up to 200 km/h for long-distance national services.

At the beginning of 2022, the Czech rail operator has ordered from Pesa 33 additional DMUs exercising an option which was included under a contract signed in March 2021 covering the supply of 160 2-car diesel multiple units.

Also in 2022, the state-owned operator ordered from Siemens Mobility 50 Vectron MS locomotives to operate at 230 km/h. The new vehicles will be delivered from December 2025.

Part of its 2030 strategy, České dráhy intends to invest CZK 100 billion (EUR 4.2 billion) to renew its rolling stock. Recently, the operator has presented the first two new RegioPanter EMUs manufactured by Škoda Group.


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