Canberra LRT phase two enters consultation

Canberra LRT phase 2A The Australian and Australian Capital Territory governments begin public consultation for Canberra LRT phase 2A for which the designs and an Environmental Assessment were submitted to the National Capital Authority (NCA) and ACT Planning and Land Authority in December 2022.

These documents will be available for citizens to review and have their say until 11 May 2023.

Canberra light rail phase 2A, the first step in extending the network south to Woden and will feature an additional 1.7 km of wire-free track including three new stops at Edinburgh Avenue, City South and Commonwealth Park. This stage is jointly funded by the two governments.

The plans being released for public exhibition includes tracks, stops, light rail systems, associated infrastructure and landscaping for this section.

The ACT Government previously received works approval from the NCA for raising London Circuit, which is currently under construction to enable this project.

Pending planning approvals and procurement processes, construction on the Canberra LRT phase 2A extension is expected to start soon after the raising of London Circuit is complete. This project will better connect the city with the lake by delivering more accessible footpaths and dedicated bike lanes, making Canberra a more connected, sustainable and vibrant place to live.

“Following the completion of the raising London Circuit project, we will extend the light rail line to establish Canberra’s north-south mass transit public transport spine. The construction of Light Rail Stage 2A will revitalise the southern section of the CBD and improve connections between the city and the lake for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport,” ACT Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel said.

For faster delivery, Canberra LRT phase 2 to Woden is being constructed in two stages with the first one extending the line from the City to Commonwealth Park, while the second stage will take light rail all the way to Woden (phase 2B).


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