Canberra begins LRV tests

Canberra launched on-track tests of the first LRV from the Mitchell depot onto a completed section of track on Flemington Road. During July LRV testing will be carried at night and only at the Gungahlin end of the light rail line, between Nullarbor Avenue and Gungahlin Place.
While the LRVs are completing their tests, other elements of the system will be commissioned and training of staff will occur. Once the testing and commissioning phase is complete, the service will be opened for passengers.
Half of Canberra’s fleet of 14 LRVs have arrived and all are all based at the Depot in Mitchell.
The testing and commissioning phase takes the project a step closer to the start of operations.
The 12-km route with 13 stops, running run from City to Gungahlin, along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road.

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