Canada unveils public transit investment plan

public transitJustin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, has announced a CAD 15 billion (USD 11.8 billion) investment for public transit projects over the next eight years.

To ensure that the communities will have a continuous funding flow, the federal government will provide a CAD 3 billion (USD 2.36 billion) permanent investment per year starting in 2026.

“These investments will support major public transit projects like new subway extensions and help electrify fleets with zero-emission vehicles. They will also be used to meet the growing demand for walkways and paths for cycling and help rural and remote communities deliver projects to meet their mobility challenges,” Justin Trudeau said.

The projects will contribute to the reduction of traffic congestion and pollution, will facilitate the access to the sustainable transport services and will increase the living standards. “Better public transit means a better quality of life for everyone. Investments like those we’re announcing are also part of our plan to create jobs and encourage our manufacturing sector here at home,” Trudeau explained.

Since 2015, the Canadian Government has invested CAD 13 billion (USD 10.2 billion) for the development of transit systems across the country.  The investment has used for the construction of 240 km of new metro and light rail lines, the procurement of more than 300 zero-emission buses and create more than 500 km of active transport trails for pedestrians and cyclists. In total, 1,300 public transit projects were supported by the national authorities.

“As we build back better, it is time to ambitiously invest in modern and sustainable public transit across our country, to reduce congestion, to help create a million jobs, and to support cleaner and more inclusive communities. Permanent, long-term funding for public transit will mean new subway lines, light-rail transit and streetcars, electric buses, cycling paths and improved rural transit,” Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities said.

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