Canada funds 136 rail safety projects

The Canadian government will fund 136 projects under the Infrastructure, Technology and Research programme, which is part of the Rail Safety Improvement Programme. CAD 16.5 million (USD 12.3 million) is the total federal funding.
The projects are spread across 8 provinces. With 33 projects, Alberta has the largest number of approved programmes, followed by Ontario, with 21 projects and New Brunswick and Saskatchewan provinces, with 20 projects each.
The Rail Safety Improvement Program provides grant and contribution funding to improve rail safety and reduce injuries and fatalities related to rail transport. The program funds safety improvements to existing rail lines, closures of grade crossings and initiatives to raise awareness about rail safety issues across Canada.
The Infrastructure, Technology and Research component has an enhanced focus on addressing the needs of communities supporting a wide range of eligible safety improvements, including improved lighting, upgraded rail crossing signals, and pedestrian overpasses. Under the program, grant funding continues to be available to encourage the closure of high-risk crossings in addition to funding small-scale improvements.

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