California Rail Builders selected for HSR Construction Package 4

CP 4 Poplar Ave.psdThe California High-Speed Rail Authority selected California Rail Builders for the Design-Build Services Contract for Construction Package 4 the next segment
of construction through the counties of Tulare and Kern and the cities of Wasco and Shafter.
The Authority had estimated the cost of Construction Package 4 to be between USD 400 million to USD 500 million, but has determined that California Rail Builders, who bid USD 347.5 million, presented the “Apparent Best Value.”
Work on Construction Package 4 will extend approximately 22 miles (13.6 km) through the Central Valley stretching from one mile north of the Tulare/Kern County line to Poplar Avenue north of Bakersfield. The work will include construction of at-grade, retained fill and aerial sections of the alignment, relocation of 4 miles (2.6 km) of existing Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) tracks, construction of waterway and wildlife crossings and roadway reconstructions, relocations and closures.
In the competitive bidding process, five teams submitted proposals to the authority for the Design-Build Services Contract. Design-build combines project design and construction into a single contract. The proposals were evaluated and ranked based on 30 percent for technical merit and 70 percent price.

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