CAF wins two maintenance contracts in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) and Saudi Railway Company (SAR) awarded CAF two 3-year contracts for maintenance services of 18 vehicles.
CAF will maintain 12 Push-Pull units for SRO which serve the Riyadh – Dammam line. In 2008, CAF supplied SRO 8 such units and under the contract, it was subsequently extended with an additional 4 units.
For SR, CAF will offer maintenance services for 6 Push-Pull units which serve the Riyadh – Qurayyat line. In 2012, CAF entered into an agreement with SAR to supply the 6 Push-Pull units which serve the line operated by this Saudi company. The trains have been designed to run at a maximum speed of 200 km/h and provide revenue service under extreme conditions of up to 55ºC, constantly holding on to the strictest comfort and reliability standards. They will be maintained at facilities equipped by CAF in the country.

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