CAF to deploy remote monitoring system on Northern trains

Northern UK franchise awarded CAF a contract to install a real-time remote monitoring and CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) system.
Under the contract, CAF will supply real-time and advanced analytics functionalities for 101 Civity regional trains delivered by CAF. The system will be installed on 431 cars.
CAF will deploy LeadMind digital platform that offers a new generation of connected trains and more competitive services for operators and maintainers of the railway industry through the collection, storage, processing and analysis. It is a modular, open and scalable product, customizable to the needs of the client that presents the information in a friendly format to support decision making process.
Previously, CAF deployed the LeadMind system for Euskotren, Trenitalia, Metro de Santiago, SAR, Amsterdam Tramway (GVB) or Tranvía Zaragoza.

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