CAF obtains certification for its ETCS Baseline 3 technology

Auriga on-board solution CAF Signalling has obtained the certification of the latest set of specifications of the ETCS Baseline 3 Release 2 version, the Auriga on-board solution. The certification was provided according to the latest TSI 2019/776.

The Auriga on-board solution was installed on the EM100 measuring car manufactured by Plasser & Theurer and in collaboration with AZD Praha, it has been also authorised for operations in the Czech Republic by the National Safety Authority.

CAF Signalling’s ETCS on-board solution offers a high degree of availability thanks to its redundant 2oo3 architecture and the robustness of its odometry.

The compact design and easy integration of this solution has rendered it the clear choice by numerous relevant operators, vehicle manufacturers and stakeholders worldwide, with more than 500 ERTMS/ETCS and ATO equipment awarded.

In addition, CAF Signalling integrates one more class B system to its on-board solution, the LS system, which is currently used in the Czech Republic in combination with the ETCS signalling system. This ground-breaking milestone places CAF Signalling among the first suppliers with a certified Baseline 3 Release 2 solution.

The on-board technology is a compact and modular ERTMS/ ATO system, optimised and customi­sed for the operational and commercial needs of customers. This solution enables full interoperability beyond national borders, compatible with systems from different trackside manufacturers and performs safe supervision of train movement with high availability.

Auriga allows scalable strategies depending on the operational needs and trackside infrastructure availability, going from ERTMS L1 to L2 and up to ERTMS L2 + AoE (ATO over ERTMS).

AoE improves stability of operation, less operational perturbation and fast recovery from traffic disturbances. It drives closer to the ETCS supervision curves and optimise the driving activity saving the energy consumption. Smooth traction / brake control that reduces maintenance of mechanical components and is another benefit of the AoE.


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