CAF México plans to develop tram lines in at 20 cities of the country

General manager of CAF México, Max Zurita, proposes the use of rail tracks to serve trams lines to at least 20 cities of the country with high population density, so that this service interconnects cities and different types of transport.

CAF México reported that they will develop feasibility studies in Naucalpan, Querétaro, Mérida, Veracruz, Pachuca and Morelia. The construction of the trams can be done in a year, and the only requirement is to meet the needs for transport, as well as to be compatible with the historic centers of cities in which architecture can not be altered.

On the other hand, the capital government plans to have studies and projects in this respect. According to the statements made by the General Director of Construction and Works of the Secretariat of Works and Services, Gerardo Báez, the city is already in the stage of analysing public-private partnership schemes or concessions for the implementation of a tram systems , considering that in some places of the city tram lines already exist.

After a meeting with the Mexican Association of Railways, Báez explained that there are companies interested in the development of trams, companies that have already approached the Secretariat of Works.

The local authorities said that among the advantages of the tram are that this is a massive, electric, environmentally friendly transport system and its construction is less expensive than a metro line.

Ciudad de México once had an extensive network of trams, but the last remaining tram operated until 1984.

Photo: interior of a CAF tram in Bilbao, Spain

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