Cad to upgrade trains for VIA Rail Canada

VIA Rail Canada has awarded a contract valued at USD 46 million to Cad Railway Industries to upgrade 25 train cars intended for use on the long-haul train the Canadian. Built in the 1950s, these cars will be completely refurbished and transformed to better meet passengers’ needs.
The contract awarded to Cad to renovate the stainless steel cars will extend their useful life by a few decades. The works will include: updating the interior design of the cars; improving seat comfort; installing devices to make the cars Wi-Fi ready for future deployment; carrying out a mechanical upgrading; renewing the heating systems; and replacing various electronic/electrical components.
The renovations are part of VIA Rail’s transformation plan for Canadian rail passenger service. This plan includes renovating a part of the rolling stock and acquiring a new fleet for the Quebec City – Windsor corridor.

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