Bucharest to acquire a EUR 1 mln passenger information system

The project on the implementation of a “passenger information system on RATB routes and expected waiting times in the stations” has an estimated value of RON 4.5 million lei (EUR 967.2 thousands). Tenders may be submitted until July 3, 2018, and the contract will be awarded in October.
The system will be installed on a total of 1,450 vehicles.
The award criterion of the contract will be the lowest price.
The Romanian Public Transport Authority (RATB) states that the system will be composed of the minimum 3G speed communication equipment, with GPS, mounted on 1,450 vehicles. The equipment will transmit in real-time the location of the vehicle and information about it, such as geographic coordinates, route, data about other traffic participants vehicles or identification data. The information will then be retrieved by the server application that manages them and will forward them to the passengers. The application will also be available to users via web browsers.
The server application will allow RATB to edit vehicle information as well as its routes, to insert ads / information of general interest and to transmit them to client applications. The winner of the tender will provide the entire hardware and software infrastructure required to run in a high-availability application.
The client application will be available free of charge to passengers for optimal route calculation between two points in the Bucharest area, which will display the expected waiting time until the desired vehicle arrives or eventual information on the non-functioning of a line.
The app will include all RATB routes and will be available for Android and iOS smartphones.

Photo: Pinterest/Anton Stanculescu

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