British Steel and Translink signed a long-term supply contract

Translink, Northern Ireland’s national rail operator, and British Steel signed a new long-term supply contract for the supply of premium rail into a series of major projects during the next 8 years.
Under the contract, British Steel will supply Zinoco, a corrosion protected rail designed to greatly extend rail life in aggressive environments and HP335, designed to cut lifecycle costs through reduced grinding frequency, reduced wear and extended rail life.
“Our products allow networks to carry more traffic with less maintenance – major benefits to operators, passengers and freight operators,”Richard Bell, British Steel’s Commercial Director Rail, said.
British Steel rail will be used for the new North-West Multimodal Transport Hub, an important gateway to the North-West, designed to encourage people to move from cars to public transport. Construction of the hub started in September 2018 and is scheduled for completion in late 2020. It will also be used in a major track renewal scheme in the Lurgan area.

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