Britain to introduce new trains and extra passenger services

Britain railway operators are committed to introduce 1,000 new carriages and to deliver over 1,000 extra passenger services a week, in 2020, according to a report of the Rail Delivery Group.
By mid-2020s, the operators will introduce over 11,300 extra trains a week, corresponding an overall increase of almost 10 per cent. Over the same period, 8,000 new train carriages will enter services, which represents an increase of 1,000 on previous plans and equivalent to replacing over half of the country’s trains.
It is estimated that GBP 20 billion (EUR 23 billion) will be invested to improve Britain’s railway system, including infrastructure and signalling works.
In addition, passengers are also benefitting from hundreds of upgraded train carriages which are being refurbished.
“People want a better railway and we are investing in a long-term plan to make that happen. Next year, our passengers and the communities that rely on rail can expect more trains to more places and new carriages with more seats and better Wi-Fi. Those improvements will drive economic growth increase productivity and help set Britain up for success in the long term,” Paul Plummer, chief executive of the Rail Delivery Group, said.
Currently, 4.8 million of daily journeys are made on Britain’s railway network, provided by 14,000 of train carriages.

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