Brazil to invest USD 27 billion for railway projects

BrazilDilma Rousseff announced the plan for a R$200bn (USD 65 billion) infrastructure package that includes to sell to the private sector new concessions to build and operate nearly 7,000km of roads, as well as four large airports and a number of ports and railways. Rousseff said the aim of the package was to “invest to revive economic growth”, the Financial Times reports.
“This initiative reflects the partnership and the confidence that must be established and which must be unflagging between the government and the private sector,” she said at a ceremony in Brasília, the capital.
Under the package, R$ 86 billion (USD 27.75 billion) will be directed for railway projects, R$37 billion (almost USD 12 billion) for ports and R$9 billion (USD 3 billion) for airports.
The package also highlighted a plan agreed previously with China to build a USD 40 billion railway line, connecting Brazil with the Pacific through Peru.

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